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Service Center by Evans Auto Sales in Daytona Beach, FL


Evans has a State-of-the Art Full Service Auto Repair Center. We offer a variety of diagnostic and maintenance options including but not limited to:


  • Oil Changes starting at $19.95 plus disposal fee & sales tax
  • All the required OEM Scheduled Maintenance by your vehicle Manufacturer


Contact Dave at #(386) 304-2727 for an Appointment.


Service Tips


Dave's #1 Tip


Change your oil at least every three months or every three thousand miles.  Even if a car is idle, the oil should be changed regularly for optimal vehicle performance.


Dave's #2 Tip

Beware of your vehicle's temperature!


It is crucial to be aware of your vehicle's temperature, the most over looked gauge in vehicles is the Temperature Gauge.

It is imperative that if your vehicle is running high in temperature you inmediately pull over and shut your engine off,  doing so would be the difference between a regular repair or replacing a blown head gasket or even worse a blown engine, the difference between them could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!



Additional Tips


Always align your wheels when purchasing a new set of tires.  This will prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear and will prolong the life of your tires.  Evans always has alignment appointments available.


Make sure you have your vehicle thoroughly inspected before taking any road trips.  Being stranded is never fun…it is always better to catch potentially minor mechanical problems before they occur.  


Let Evans handle all of your service needs!!!